No matter who you are, what you like, or where you’re from, there is most likely a dating website just for you! Thanks to the increase in popularity in cyber relationships, the market for online dating has spread to great lengths you wouldn’t even believe… think zombies, nudists, gold diggers… do you get the picture? There’s something out there for E V E R Y O N E. It might sound bizarre or even desperate at first, but is online dating really that taboo anymore?

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According to the Pew Research Center, 85% of American adults are internet users and 30% of recent daters have used their social media networks to get more information about people they are interested in dating.” That’s an extremely large number of people (& that’s just in America) that are perusing the internet for potential lovers… We’re all human and we all adapt, though. The amount of time we spend on our cell phones has wildly increased within the last decade so it’s not surprising that our relationships have transferred from real life to on screen as well. If my boyfriend is too busy on his cell phone to hang out with me then why not just bug him on the thing he’s staring at all day instead of me, right?? 🙂 To me, online dating seems like the next logical step in a world that is continually trashing real life interactions for tech ones. However ~weird~ the categories are that online dating sites have separated themselves into… to each his own.

An intriguing article just posted by Business Insider titled, “Scientists think relationships that start online may have a huge advantage over relationships that start in real life,” discussed a recent study regarding relationships started online. Although it does not prove that relationships started online are indeed stronger than those that weren’t, it does show that most relationships started online have typically better results due to the fact that both people in the relationship most likely signed up for an account with the intent of beginning a new relationship. This was about as shocking to me as the article that states sending an email is more intimate than leaving someone a voicemail. As mentioned earlier, our time spent on cell phones and computers (& basically away from human contact tbh) really is impacting our relationships because our behaviors are permanently changing. Acts as simple as reading the printed newspaper have become almost obsolete because of our increased use of technology and social MEDIA interactions.